Thursday, 18 December 2014

My Most Used Brushes

Hey guys,
Today I thought I would show you which brushes are my favourite and give you a brief description of each one. I don't have that many brushes but I do still have some that stand out as being the ones I reach for everyday.

Eye Shadow Brushes
I don't really use that many eye shadow brushes when I do my makeup. I just use one for my eyelid, one for my crease and one to blend. These are my favourites just because they do their job well. I use the one in the middle for my lid as it's great for patting the colour onto my eye and I think the shape of it is really good for what I need it to do. The one on the left I use in my crease as it has a slightly tapered edge so it works really well for putting colour into my crease, I also sometimes use it for blending or patting on powder to my under eyes or over concealer. Lastly, the one on the right I use to blend. This one isn't the best but it works well to blend my eye shadow out so it's not too harsh.

Foundation Brush
I bought this a while back on eBay and I absolutely love it. It completely changed how I put on my foundation as now this is all I use. I love it. It makes blending my foundation so much easier and it doesn't leave me with any brush strokes either like my previous foundation brush used to. I really like the finish it leaves me with as well, it makes my skin look great.

Concealer Brush
This brush is smaller than my foundation brush and because of it's more rounded top I prefer using it to blend in my concealer as it works much better. The bristles are soft and don't shed when washed and it works really well.

Powder Brush
My mum bought me this brush for prom as I didn't really own very many brushes because I wasn't really into makeup back then but I'm so glad she did. I love using this brush for my powder. It's super soft and it's just the right size for powdering my face.

Blush Brush
I'm a huge fan of this brush, I love the shape of it. It makes applying brush so much easier and it helps me make sure that I don't apply to much... Which does sometimes happen. It picks up colour really well too and because of the shape it blends really evenly. This brush doesn't shed either when I wash it so I can see it lasting me a really long time, plus, the bristles are really soft as well.

Bronzing Brush
I could probably do with buying a better brush but it works fine and is good at picking up colour, because of it's large size it's also really good for blending out my bronzer if I've been a little heavy handed with it. The only downside to this is that the bristles do sometimes fall out.

What's your most used brush? 
Holly x

Thursday, 11 December 2014

The Body Shop: Define and Lengthen Mascara

Hey guys,
Today I'm reviewing The Body Shop's Define and Lengthen Mascara. I got this a while ago and I thought now would be as good a time as any to review it. I really like the packaging, it's sleek and thin, which means it can easily slip into your makeup bag.

The formula is really nice as it's not to heavy yet it still makes your lashes look long, it doesn't give them very much volume but then again the whole point of this mascara is to lengthen which it definitely does. It is a bit more pricey than your regular drug store mascaras at £10, but you get what you pay for and this definitely delivers.

It won't replace my holy grail mascara, Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme, however it is really nice if I don't want my makeup to be very heavy. I can see it being really good in the summer months as it helps to give you more of the 'No Makeup' makeup look.

The brush is thin and makes it a lot easier to get right down to the roots of your eyelashes, this also means that it works well on your bottom lashes. So if you're not a fan of using this on your top lashes then it'll work really well on your lower ones instead.

It lasts all day and you don't have to worry about it smudging at all, considering this you might think it's harder to take off on a night but it comes of really easily considering how long lasting it is.

It comes in both black and brown, I opted for the black one as I'm not really a fan of brown mascara. They look great on some people but I just prefer black mascaras on myself.

As you can see it really does help to lengthen your eyelashes. Let me know what you think!
Holly x

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Gift Guide

Hey guys,
I've been getting my friends their christmas presents and whilst I was looking at what to get them I found a lot of really nice things so I thought I would share them with you. I found a lot so I've had to split this into two parts, I hope it's helpful!

Gifts Under £5
  1. New Look: Gold Open Heart Fingertip Ring Stack - £3.99
  2. New Look: 5 Pack Pink Carved Rose Stack Rings - £4.99

Gifts Under £10
  1. The Body Shop:  Vanilla Brûlée Treat Box - £7
  2. Fat Face:  Mini Body Care Selection Gift Set - £8
  3. Joules: Fizzing Bath Bulbs - £6
  4. The Body Shop: Strawberry Treats - £6
  5. Soap and Glory: All The Right Smoothies - £8
  6. The Body Shop: Almond Manicure and Moisture Duo - £6
  7. The Body Shop: Japanese Cherry Blossom Mini Gift Set - £8
  8. Soap and Glory: Soap For The Best Gift Set - £10
  9. The Body Shop: The Jolly Lippy Lolly - £10
  10. The Body Shop: Jingle Gels Sleigh - £8
  11. New Look: Pink Triple Gemstone Overlay Rope Necklace - £7.99
  12. New Look: Gold Layered Triangle Tassel Necklace - £7.99

Gifts Under £15
  1. The Body Shop: Voyage Eau De Toilette Trio Gift - £15
  2. Burt's Bees:  Tips and Toes Kit - £13.49
  3. Lush: Sweetest Thing - £14.50
  4. Topshop: Lip and Cream Blush Set - £12
  5. Elizabeth Arden: Colour Palette - £12
  6. Topshop: Mini Matte Nail Polish Trio - £12
  7. New Look: Gold Assorted Gemstone Ring Pack - £12.99
  8. New Look: Gold and Silver Cut Out Ring Pack - £12.99

Gifts Under £20
  1. Clinique:  Mini Gift Set - £19.80
  2. Benefit: Sweet Tintations - £19.50
  3. Lush: Great Balls of Bicarb - £19.95
  4. Lush: Relax - £15.95
  5. New Look: Shell Pink Premium Large Gem Flower Necklace - £19.99
Gifts Under £30
  1. Benefit: Primping with the Stars - £23.85
  2. Benefit: How to Look the Best at Everything - £22.96
  3. First Aid Beauty: Fab Faves To Go Kit - £20.50
  4. Stila: Tools of the Trade Brush Set - £29.50
  5. Lush:  Hello Gorgeous - £22.95
  6. Essie: Glow Get 'em Neons Box - £24.99

Gifts Under £40
  1. Lush: Pop £35.95
  2. Lush: Lushious - £32.95

Gifts Under £50
  1. Ted Baker: UpTed Abbey - £45
I hope you found this useful, part 2 will be up next week!
Holly x

Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Tips and Tricks Tuesday #13

Wear The Right Eye Shadow For You Eye Colour

Hey guys,
It probably seems like green eye shadow would go well with green eyes, you'd think that right? But it actually dilutes the colour because the eye shadow you use will always be a truer shade than your eye colour so it'll make it look duller.

Today's tip is going to be on making sure you're wearing the right eye shadow colours for your eyes. Wearing the right colour can instantly make the colour of your eye look so much brighter and enhance it. So, here we go:

  • Peach
  • Teal
  • Charcoal

  • Mauve
  • Orange
  • Green
  • Purple
  • Grey

  • Purple
  • Silver
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Green

  • Pink
  • Purple
  • Grey
  • Bronze
  • Taupe

I hope this helped you guys out!
Holly x

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Blogging Tips

Hey guys,
I know I've not been blogging for years but I do feel like I've been blogging for long enough to have picked up a few tips so I thought I would share them with you guys. I'm not telling any of you guys how to blog I just know that I like these types of blog posts because there's always something I can pick up from them. I hope you find thses tips helpful!

Photos Of The Product On
If you're reviewing a product, for example a mascara, take a photo of you without it on and then you with it on so your readers can actually see the difference, even if you don't want to do a before and after, make sure to at least have a photo of you wearing it. I've read so many blog posts and liked the sound of a product but without a picture of it actually on I won't go out and buy it. Especially if it's a lipstick, sometimes the colour looks different on the lips or it might be sheer but you can't really tell without a photo.

I can't stress how important paragraphs are! I think they make it so much easier to read a post as it breaks it down and you don't feel like there's as much to read even if there is. I also think posts look much better aesthetically when there are paragraphs as opposed to just a block of text. If you're unsure of when to start a paragraph then do it as soon as you start talking about something different, so if you're doing your everyday makeup routine, start a new paragraph when you move onto the next product.

Clear Layout
Your layout is the first thing a new reader will see so you want to make sure it's clear and well thought out. You don't want things cluttering up the page or too much going on. I suggest keeping to a simple colour theme and if you want to use a bright colour only use on or two otherwise stick to pastels and whites. Make sure you have links as well so everything is easily accesible, it'll also help your readers see what type of posts you do. Another thing is to make sure you have links to your social media sites so that your readers can find you easily.

I'm not trying to tell you guys how to run your blogs I just wanted to give you a few tips, I hope the helped :)
Holly x 

Monday, 24 November 2014

OOTD - 24.11.14

Hey guys,
Something a little more daring for you today, I paired my black jeans with this see through top. Don't worry, I did have a jacket so I didn't freeze!

Holly x