Monday, 29 September 2014

OOTD - 29.09.14

Hey guys,
I wanted an excuse to wear my 'wolf-collar-broach-things' so I paired this cute white shirt with my floral skirt, I hope you guys like it.

Holly x

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Eylure Eyebrow Pencil

Hey guys,
Today I'm reviewing Eylure's Shape & Shade Brow Pencil and Tamer. I've had this product for quite a while now, however, I've only just recently been and gotten my brows done again, so they're actually neat now and have some shape. When I tried this in the past my eyebrows were a complete mess and this just made them look really bushy and made me look like Ugly Betty, yep, and I' talking Season 1 Ugly Betty. After that I stopped using it and completely forgot I had it. Once I had my eyebrows down I started to use this again as it made my eyebrows look so much better now that they actually had some shape to them. 

The colour I have is medium brunette to dark blonde and it matches my eyebrows really well, the formula is slightly waxy but that means it helps to keep your eyebrows in place and won't budge throughout the day. It's really easy to fill in your eyebrows with this and it never looks to harsh either which is something I worry about when filling in my eyebrows.

I love that there's an eyebrow spoolie at the end as I like to brush through my eyebrows before so that I know what shape I'm going for, and then I look to brush through them afterwards to disperse the colour more so that it doesn't look too harsh.

If you're looking for a good brow pencil then I definitely suggest this one. For some reason I can't find them on the Boots website however you can get on amazon.


  • Good colour.
  • Lasts all day.
  • Has a spoolie at the end.
  • Has a slightly waxy formula.


  • Not on the Superdrug or Boots website.
I've taken some before and after photos so that you can see for yourself how good it is. It fills my brows in yet still looks subtle and not in your face.

Holly x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tips and Tricks Tuesday #8

How To Get The Appearance of Bigger Eyes

Hey guys,
Everyone wants bigger eyes don't they? Well I know I do. It's super easy to get the illusion of bigger eyes as well. All you need is a white eye shadow, or an eye shadow that's quite light. Then you just dab it into the corners of your eyes and voila! Bigger eyes.

If you want to make them look even wider though then there's a few more things you can do. Take a nude or white eye shadow and put it along your lower lashes and it'll instantly make you look wide awake. Also, if you start your eye liner from half way across your upper eyelashes then it'll make them look bigger.

I hope this helped :)
Holly x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blush Palette

Hey guys,
I've been using the same blush for over a year (which probably isn't that good... But, oh well) as I'm not really interested in blush, I'd much rather spend my money on eye shadows and lipsticks. However, I recently hit pan on it and I decided to have a browse on eBay to see if I could find a blush palette instead of just going out and buying one colour that I'd stick to, basically, I wanted to mix things up a bit.

I saw this one and I really liked the colours so I decided to get it. The blush I'm using at the minute is a bright pink one which looks really pretty and not at all bright on your cheeks, and this palette has the same colour so I knew that I'd at least like one of the colours even if I wasn't that fussed on the rest of them.

It took about threeish weeks to come which wasn't that bad as it meant I was able to get through more of my current blush before I started to use this palette instead, I don't really like using new things until I've finished my previous ones... But I do it anyway.

The palette I ordered came with 10 colours and was £3.81 with free p&p, which I think is pretty good considering how long it'll probably last me.

The packaging is really sleek and compact. It's really thin but quite long, so it might not fit in your makeup bag if you were going away. However if you are going away then I would definitely suggest taking it with you as it has every blush colour you would need and some of the blush colours could probably double up as eye shadows.

As you can see some of the colours do have a slight shimmer in them, but when they're on your cheeks it's barely noticeable. I don't like blushes with shimmers in them but I do really like these ones as it's really difficult to see. They're really pigmented so you definitely don't need to put a lot onto your brush, but if you do don't worry, they blend out really easily. The staying power's really good considering the price, if you're out all day you may need to touch it up a little bit but apart from that it should last throughout most of what you're doing.


  • The price, £3.81 with free p&p is such a steal!
  • It's slim and very compact.
  • It has a range of shades.
  • They last on your cheeks.
  • Extremely pigmented.
  • Blend well.


  • Takes over 3 weeks to arrive.
  • There's a very slight shimmer.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you want to try out a range of blush colours to find the perfect one for you or you're just starting out then I would definitely recommend this palette!

Holly x

Monday, 15 September 2014

OOTD - 15.09.14

Hey guys,
Another outfit of the day post! You might not like these colours together but I really like them for some reason :)

I know my bag's ripped but I don't want to buy another one so I'm just going to stitch it up again and it'll be as good as new :)

Holly x

Thursday, 11 September 2014

How To: Soft Curls

Hey guys,
I love having my hair curled, especially for summer, so I thought I would make a tutorial showing you how I get my 'perfect summer curls'. I know we're moving into Autumn but I'll probably be wearing this look throughout the rest of the year so I didn't think it would matter that much that it was my 'summer' look. Oh, and there's bloopers at the end, so you get to watch me being an idiot.

Products Used
- Remington CI9532 Curler: x
- Tresemme Heat Protectant: x

What's your favourite hairstyle at the minute?
Holly x